Monday | Nov 16th

Flose LaPierre | 2:00 - 4:00 PM

Write to Heal is a 2-hour workshop that uses writing in community as an outlet for dealing with stress. We will meet at Rosemary Square in WPB, meditate, write, share, and drink earth-conscious coffee (cold & hot) from Chik Monk.

This introductory workshop will cover the basics of Design Thinking by walking through the overall framework, covering integral case studies, and diving into exercises that can be immediately applied to your projects. It will explore how Design Thinking can help develop innovative solutions to complex challenges you face as business people, nonprofit leaders, entrepreneurs, and global citizens.

TUESDAY | Nov 17th

Boca Code | 6:30 - 7:30 PM

What's your story? What does a Personal Brand consist of, and how do you create it? Learn why storytelling is so important, the pillars of personal branding, and how to increase your brand value. Find out everything you need to know in my 'You're A Book, You're A Brand - Storytelling and Personal Branding' talk!

An interactive workshop on messaging with Federico Giller, President at FPG Creative, Inc. . Learn tools, techniques and layout of a strategy for refining your communications so you are more attractive to top donors - even in the post-lockdown world. Members: FREE & Nonmembers: $9.99
The Excel at Excel workshop is designed to cover the basics of data organization, functions, pivot tables and basic math functions.

WEDNESDAY | Nov 18th

The Idea Center at Miami Dade College | 12:00 - 1:00 PM

CS50x Miami is a course that teaches you how to design and implement solutions to problems. But more than that, it teaches you how to think more critically, more methodically and more algorithmically. It is an adaptation of Harvard University's CS50 course that provides an introduction to the intellectual enterprises of computer science, and the art of programming for Miami Dade College students and the South Florida community.

No matter your field, many of us are joining the new "gig economy", especially as we are progressively working from home. Pricing your gigs can be a tremendous challenge, even for seasoned veterans. Todd Albert, Founder and Lead Instructor at Boca Code, has been pricing and estimating projects as a Freelancer, Agency, Lead Developer, and now for projects that Boca Code takes on to give students practical experience. Learn some great tips, how to avoid working for a monster, and much more!Join Mercedes Jenkins, Google's DEI strategist, as she covers how to Identify foundational DEI concepts, Build a DEI vision for your company and Identify resources, networks that support historically left out communities.

THURSDAY | Nov 19th

Thynk Global & Startup Grind Miami | 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM

Morin, a budding entrepreneur since the age of five with a background in broadcast marketing, and Suah, a linguistics graduate who once studied the linguistic impact of social ecosystems in Brazil, attribute most of their success to a Goal-Setting Sheet they created and followed in order to achieve their goals, and become self-made! During this GEW they will share their goal-setting sheet featured in Business-Insider this year!

You spent so much money on your site and take pride in it. But for 25% of your users, it sucks. Make it much better, more usable, better for SEO, and keep from being sued.
In this workshop you will get insights and practical lessons from the field, learning how to set up a placement optimized campaign across the Facebook advertising ecosystem (Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, Whatsapp, Audience Network) to reach your audience where they are spending the most time.
Learn how to think as a designer regardless of your professional background and start creating and delivering value for yourself and others.
This class will teach students the basics of the Squarespace platform including selecting templates, editing designs, managing content, and implementing advanced features like e-commerce.
This workshop is designed for complete novices who have no previous experience with programming and want a gentle but comprehensive introduction to the Python programming language. Students will be able to set up their own programming environment and manipulate data.

FRIDAY | Nov 20th

EisnerAmper & Palm Beach Tech | 10:00 - 11:00 AM

Join us for this informational workshop on capital structures, key terminology and how you can set up your startup to attract investors!

Learn tips to start where you are now and bring your idea to life! Visioneering, Ideation, Tech decisions, Marketing, Conversions fast-track your way to results.
Students who join this course must have an understanding of SQL fundamentals including the use of the following command line functions: SELECT queries that include FROM, WHERE, ORDER BY, LIMIT.

SATURDAY | Nov 21st

  • TBD

SUNDAY | Nov 22nd

Write to Heal is a 2-hour workshop that uses writing in community as an outlet for dealing with stress. We will meet at Rosemary Square in WPB, meditate, write, share, and drink earth-conscious coffee (cold & hot) from Chik Monk.